Expand the kingdom through church planting. 

Our desire is to extend the Kingdom of God by starting healthy, sustainable, multiplying churches in the Jax area. We celebrate the fact that we planted dozens of churches in the recent past but look forward to making a bigger impact for Christ through the planting of second and third generation churches in the future. We hope to reach the 671,543 people who claim no religious affiliation in the city through our ministry. 


starting & multiplying

Church Planters

Discovering Church Planting

Discovering Church Planting is a 2-hour seminar that helps prospective church planters understand and clarify their gifting, calling, and interest in church planting. They learn from field-tested church planters as they share their insights and lessons from church planting.  Each participant will learn, engage and interact with the following topics: Best Fit: My Calling and Wiring; Living Sent: God’s Mission of Making Disciples; Practical Tips: Nuts and Bolts of Starting a New Church; Coaching 101: What Every Church Planter Needs; Next Steps: Where do I go from here?  At the end of the class they are counseled about the next steps they need to take to pursue church planting.


This course is a comprehensive seminar that meets four times a year and is sponsored by the Florida Baptist Convention. It helps church planters develop their own vision, mission and the supporting church processes and systems.  The Essentials Seminar helps them to develop a strategic plan for establishing a church in a community.

Planter Gatherings

These are monthly gatherings of church planters who come together to receive encouragement, information, and opportunities for greater collaboration and cooperation for Kingdom Impact in the city.  The meetings are 2 hours long and emphasize the P.E.G. process.


Praying for each other and the city.


Encouraging one another through authentic exchange & mutual learning.


Giving ourselves away through missional engagement together in the city.

These groups have statistically proven to increase church plant survivability and growth. 

planter wives fellowships & celebrations

These are regular events that are used to encourage church planters, their wives and families.  They are planned for fun with the intention of new and deep friendships developing among the families.



Sending Church

Prepare to multiply

  • Discovery
  • Assessment
  • Communicate

Multiply and Release

  • Partner with a planter
  • Establish a covenant
  • Internship
  • Coaching
  • Release

to Send

  • Discovery Meeting
  • Church Assessment


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